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   HONOR ROLL     

Fall 2017-2018

Congratulations to our middle school students who excelled academically in the fall semester.


6th Grade Honor Roll (3.0 -3.49)

Francisco Arriaga

Ivan Gutierrez

Ryan Gutierrez

Emelin Leon-Sepulveda

Ruby Lopez

Kimberly Martinez

Isabella Mojarro

Oliver Moreno

Jesus Ortiz Moreno

Michael Quintero

Brianna Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez-Lemus

Sophia Rosas

Alan Sanchez

Larissa Vega

Tristan Ventling

Alondra Vidal


6th Grade High Honor Roll (3.5 - 4.0)

Nicole Alvarado

Irma Campos

Shecid Delgado Flores

Metzi Garcia-Lezama

Alexa Gonzalez

Shiloh Hermida

Mia Hyde

Arin Lopez

Scarlette Lutz

Alan Martinez

Andrea Moreno Garcia

Andrea Quinones

Ponciano Rubio

Angel Soto Sanchez

Amaris Valenzuela


7th Grade Honor Roll (3.0 – 3.49)

Denise Barajas

Ethan Castro

Angelique Contreras

Veronica Covarrubias

Eduardo Cruz-Campos

Anakin Estrada

Emily Garcia

Jada Hale

Carlos Ibarra Bonilla

Stephanie Ibarra

Ivan Membrila

Joanna Ornelas

Rudy Pena

Nathan Pinedo

Kevin Salinas



7th Grade High Honor Roll (3.50 – 4.0)

Dayanara Aguilar

Joaquin Balbuena

Izabella Chavez

Matthew Delgado

Kelly Enamorado

Anakin Gay

Michael Gonzales III

Mia Hale

Desirae Lopez

Malia Manahan

Citlali Marin

Priscilla Mcaninch

Laura Mejicanos

Gissele Pena

Anthony Quiroa

Erik Renteria

Joshua Romero

Lizeth Ruiz

Natalie Ruvalcaba

Jocelyne Sura Vences

Yolitzi Torres


8th Grade Honor Roll (3.0 – 3.49)

Alexi Dasaad

Jose Flores

Darby Gonzalez

Gia Guzman Hornback

Izela Linares

Natalie Magana

Jaan Mohammed Parada

Daniel Moncada Santana

Henry Montano

Isabella Ramos

Alex Ramos-Jimenez

Alexa Rodriguez

Celeste Romero

Matthew Valles

Sarahy Vasquez


8th Grade High Honor Roll (3.50 – 4.0)

Graciela Aguilar

Noelia Alvarez

Ariana Castro

Jasmine Gonzalez

Nana Hamaya

Emily Hernandez

Jade Herrera

Vivica Martinez

Angelina Oganesyan

Alison Quintero

Amy Ramos

Amaryllis Ruelas

Karla Serna

Cristina Tzunun Palomo

Andrew Valenzuela

Nakai Valenzuela

Briana Vega

Jamila Zaki

Oliver Zorick




8th Grade Science Fair

1st place:  Jasmine Gonzalez   (Age and the Cocktail Party Effect)
                    Celeste Romero   (Lip Reading Battle:  Girls vs. Boys)
2nd place:  Daniella Campos   (From Sour to Sweet)
                     Karla Serna    (Within River Water)
3rd place:  Darby Gonzalez   (Boys vs. Girls:  Antibullying)
                    Vanessa Razones  (Do Microwaves Affect Plants?)
                    Jamila Zaki  (Memory Recall)
Honorable Mention:  Gia Guzman-Hornback  (Do you know what you're breathing in?)
                                       Jaedon Lopez  (Which fertilizer helps plants grow taller?)
                                      Cristina Tzunun  (Visual Memory)
Jasmine, Karla, Cristina, Gia, Vanessa, Angelina Oganesyan, and possibly Jaedon Lopez will be representing ASMSM at the LA County Science Fair in March.

Save the Drop Contest Entry

Look at our 8th graders:



They won $10, 000 for a project here at Arroyo Seco!  Way to go!!


Click here to read about the details!

Inner-City Arts

Ms. Ortega's 6th graders had the opportunity to study at Inner-City Arts this spring.  Look at them in action with the Disney Imagineers!


Click here!

8th Grade Trip to UCLA

5th Grade at the Music Center

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Ready, Set, Gold!

Ready, Set, Gold! is working to eliminate childhood obesity — one push-up at a time!

Obesity is one of the greatest health challenges facing our country, and related problems such as diabetes are on the rise as well.  Experts agree that increased exercise is key to fighting obesity and that it’s important to start healthy habits early.

As the first and only program of its kind in the country, Ready, Set, Gold! tackles this epidemic problem by pairing Olympic and Paralympic star athletes with Los Angeles area public schools to promote student fitness and inspire a future generation of college and Olympic athletes.  Each athlete meets with their school’s physical education classes six times during the academic year to educate and motivate the students, and by extension their family members, toward a long and healthy drug-free life through fun physical activity and proper diet.  During the structured school visits, the Olympians and Paralympians exercise with the students and share stories of how they became world-class athletes and the importance fitness and nutrition played in their success.


Mr. Plascencia's Block 4 7th grade PE class has had the opportunity to work with Candace Cable, Paralympian this school year.  Disaster invaded Candace Cable’s life in 1975 when she suffered a spinal cord injury in an automobile accident. At the age of 21, she would never walk again. However, out of this tragic circumstance emerged a woman with the character and will to become one of today’s most successful world athletes.
Candace Cable has been ranked number one nationally in wheelchair racing competition from 1984 to 1990. Furthermore, internationally, she has won 75 marathons, including six Boston Marathons (1981, ’82, ’85, ’86, ’87, & ’88) and has set world records in every distance throughout her 21-year career. Winning two Olympic medals in three Summer Olympic Games, Candace participated in the only exhibition event for the disabled. Additionally, she has won nine Gold medals in five Summer Paralympic Games. Since 1990, Candace has been competing on the United States Disabled Ski Team, winning three Paralympic medals on the Alpine team. In 1994, she switched to the Cross Country Team, and is currently on the “A” team.  Showing “limitation” as a state of mind, Candace has spoken all over the country about the celebration human spirit strength. Using examples from her own life, she demonstrates how both able-bodied and disabled individuals face similar struggles to realize their fullest potential. She focuses on: re-evaluating our lives constantly, not setting limits on ourselves, keeping a sense of humor, staying physically fit to be mentally fit, and taking complete responsibility for our lives. From dispelling the myth that if you have a physical disability you cannot be a whole person, to finding solutions to life’s problems through creativity and imagination, Candace can help you see “disability” is only a word.

And now a word from one of our students:


Hello Ready Set Gold,

My name is Emily Hernandez and I am very proud to be the winner of the Fitness Gram competition for my class.  I expected to get a high score because I was practicing very hard at improving my scores in the PACER, curl-ups, and push-ups.  I was surprised because I did not think I would win the watch.  I am so appreciative for Ms. Cable coming out to our school to share her stories and give us information on the Paralympics.  I really enjoyed the videos she shared because they showed me that even if you have a disability you can still enjoy playing sports and being a part of a team.



Operation Project HOPE


Operation Project HOPE’s vision is that all youth have a safe and supportive learning environment where they can achieve their highest potential. With the addition of positive affirmations and playground murals to the learning environment, OPH will change the world, one school child at a time.


Ms. Guerrero's class, some 4th graders and our Middle School Chorus all performed at Operation Project HOPE's annual awards luncheon.